Conquering through Union

“During a huge forest fire, all the animals took off in search of shelter, while a small hummingbird flew around one side to the other, back and forth into the fire. ‘What are you doing?’, asked the other animals. ‘Taking water to put out the fire, replied the hummingbird. The animals were really surprised by this: ‘but that’s impossible, the fire is so strong and you are so small’, they said. ‘I’m small, but I’m doing my part, taking my drop, replied the conscientious bird”.
We are telling this story once again to reinforce the fact that someone can only be beautiful or of value when they are considered worthy by each citizen, aware of their role within society.

In Diadema, entrepreneurs are becoming more and more aware of their responsibility to society and are involving themselves in projects such as the implementation of literacy courses for their employees, helping non-profit making organizations etc.

Another flag carried by the business community of Diadema and one, which has been in effect for 8 years, and which is now beginning to bear fruit, is the fight to establish a Municipal Fire Brigade. In 1983, when the Diadema and São Bernardo do Campo Ciesp precincts were together, the Diadema Pro-Fire Brigade Association was created, made up of entrepreneurs in the region.

During these years, the dream and the need were close to coming true on several occasions, but never quite made it due to technical problems with the land where it was to be built in addition to financial motives.

Today, the association has managed to get the rights to use a piece of land in the Alça Direita of the tollgate, given by Dersa to the Public Safety Department of the State of São Paulo. However, the cession contains a specific demand: construction must begin by 1992.

The Diadema Mayor and Town Councilors have played a fundamental role in this process, through getting the approval of an agreement with the Public Safety Department, guaranteeing the maintenance of the future fire Brigade. In addition to this, the Association became a public utility entity and the Town Council made itself responsible for fulfilling and approving the building project. Another vital source of help came from the sub-Secretary of Integration of the Greater São Paulo district, Moacyr Antonio Ferreira Rodrigues, one of the main forces together with the State governor in acquiring the necessary equipment for implementation.

The Diadema business community has made a great effort in its collaboration with the Pro-Fire Brigade Association.

We have a year to begin work and it is the responsibility of the private sector to join forces with government entities, contributing with their drop of water to put out this fire and guarantee a safe future. Drop by drop, a strong basis will be built for the common good.

August 1991