Life and Death

Everything living has known death, and everything that has died will never die, since in the Circle of the Spirit life is nothing nor is death anything.

Yes, life is eternal, though from time to time things seem to hibernate and drop into oblivion.



Truth said:

“Does no one want to uncover my face and gaze at my beauty? I will meld with whomever lifts my veil, and will give him peacefulness and the beautiful offspring of science and pious work.”

And a voice roared in answer:

“Although all those who seek you veritably want you, look, Virgin thou art and Virgin you will remain until the end of time. No one born or to be born of Woman may behold what is under thy veil Oh Truth!”

And Truth opened its arms wide and was reduced to tears, because those who seek her cannot find her nor can they regard her face-to-face.


Predatory humanity

A time will come when the sun will not shine over the frozen earth and the bestial war so desired by mankind will have ended.

A time will come when the cry for justice, the savage roar of hatred and love will freeze within the hearts of men and man will feel he is betraying himself.

Then grieving, predatory mankind, who despised the gifts of the spirit as being merely rapacious, will have peace.

A time will come when the sun will no longer shine on mankind and, only then will this crazed race understand what it really wants.