Entrepreneur Simon Abuhab, president of Incodiesel, in Diadema (SP), has dedicated the same passion and determination to painting as he has to running his business. A winner of international prizes as an artist, Abuhab is publishing the most important pictures from his collection as well as information on his career on this site.
Everything living has known death, and everything that has died will never die, since in the Circle of the Spirit life is nothing nor is death anything.
Yes, life is eternal, though from time to time things seem to hibernate and drop into oblivion.
Between the intellectual Jewish families that spread through Spain , Portugal , Holland and Italy was found the ABOAB family with various individuals that called attention because of their knowledge. It is not easy to separate the various family branches and go back to its origins.
The businessman Simon Abuhab, as in "free time" is a visual artist, presents works from his personal collection and the piece premiered in Cannes "Picking Flowers in the Garden of Eden." Prized internationally, is technically mature and develop their work smoothly.