Simon Abuhab is 51 years old and is a business manager and candidate on the Union Plank 2

Simon Abuhab is 51 years old and is a business manager and candidate on the Union Plank 2. In the present Sindipeças administration Simon Abuhab coordinates the sector group for automotive tubing, his specialty, “in order to have a strong voice in the sector’s requests vis-à-vis the government organs. I feel we should have a greater participation. A more democratic plank ... such as ours is – is much more representative, and therefore much stronger”.
To him, the company union should be a union of forces. One of his objectives is the creation of a guidance plan for price formation.

This is not the only problem he calls attention to. “I feel it is absurd for the government to insert taxes into product costs. Most countries do not act in this way. We will fight to remove the ICMS from within the sales prices and locate it outside the prices in such a way that the other cost-forming items will not incide upon the markup”.

Abuhab is the president of Incodiesel, a manufacturer of automotive tubing, which has been in the market for the last 27 years and had gross sales of US$ 2 million last year. In 1989 the forecast sales are US$ 3 million and to that end it is investing in quality control, product and labor. The company, which has 165 employees, is very concerned with education and improving the quality of labor. “Brazil must invest heavily in health and education for at least ten generations”, says Abuhab. For him improving labor is one of the priorities. “Every company and every entrepreneur has the power and has responsibilities. We must not forget the social problems”. The tendency, he says, is that the entrepreneur will become ever more liberal and pay more attention to the social differences between Brazilians.

At Incodiesel this preoccupation has already borne fruit. The company maintains a kindergarten and day school for needy children between the ages of 4 and 7 in the region. “We supply food and the principles of hygiene. For me this is the way to work for the future”. The school is part of a joint plan by companies in the Diadema region – where Incodiesel is headquartered. .