"Industry Leader of the Year" from Diadema defends union for development

 "Industry Leader of the Year" from Diadema defends union for development  
  The autoparts entrepreneur Simon Abuhab, chosen "Industry Leader of the Year" in Diadema at an election sponsored by the Local Office of the Center for Industry of the State of São Paulo is the President of Incodiesel Indústria e Comércio de Peças para Diesel Ltda, which has been manufacturing tubing and fittings for the automotive sector for more than 20 years.

The entrepreneur is also a member of the Regional Council for Diadema/SBC of Ciesp, which has a good working relationship with the community and its business sector and with the public organs of the Greater ABC region.

Starting from scratch, as he likes to say, in the 60s without any special knowledge of the industry, he gradually picked up expertise and invested in his company which grew and now has acquired prestige amongst its peers, with a product that commands market respect and, an aspect he considers most important, its own capital as well as being a company.

In his thank you address, Abuhab expressed a message of union stating that "only with a joint effort by everyone - entrepreneurs, workers, liberal professionals and the Government - will it be possible to plan and execute the development that is sought for Brazil ".

March, 1983