Upgrading the quality of labor, a priority at Incodiesel

Incodiesel has produced and marketed automotive tubing for the last 27 years. In 1988 the company had gross sales of US$ 2 million and the forecast for 1989, according to the company's president Simon Abuhab, is that sales will reach US$ 3 million. To that end investments are being made in quality control, product and labor. The company, which has 165 employees, is very much involved in education and labor enhancement.

"Brazil will have to invest heavily in health and education for at least ten generations", says Abuhab. For him upgrading employees is a major priority. "Every company and every entrepreneur has power and responsibility. We must not forget the social problems". At Incodiesel this preoccupation has already borne fruit. The company runs a day school for needy children in the region aged between 4 and 7. "We feed them and teach them concepts of hygiene. To me, that is working for the future", says Abuhab. The school is part of a joint plan between companies in the Diadema-SP region where Incodiesel has its headquarters.

February 1989