Don t underestimate the value of catalogs

Simon Abuhab, President of Incodiesel, has a couple of simple and practical bits of advice for Brazilian companies wanting to export. "In order to export - he reminds us - the main thing is to adapt to the overseas market". Then goes on to give a few concrete details: 1) Issue catalogs with converted gauges, since it is useless to go to a Fair like Frankfurt with the same catalog used for the domestic market, even if some gauges do coincide with those used in the target market", 2) Obtain a good client portfolio so that buyer and seller can prepare for the meeting, i.e., both should be able and willing to discuss their interests practically and objectively", 3) Take samples of all the products.

Of course, it is assumed that the product being offered is within a competitive level, both in terms of quality and price. This being the case, then all that remains to resolve concerning export continuity is "just" the problem of timely deliveries, which certainly will be easier with the warehousing that the OEM is installing in Hamburg .

March, 1989