Incodiesel invests again

Incodiesel Ltda, a manufacturer of automotive tubing has just injected resources of about US$ 250 thousand in acquiring sophisticated equipment to enhance the development of the products it manufactures. The object of this investment is a computerized three-dimensional table with a plotter and the correct software for tubular components, acquired from the Italian BLM company.

With a configuration for up to 66 different functions (16 for tubing and 50 for mechanical components) the equipment is unique on the American continent with specific software for tubular components. According to company president Simon Abuhab, with this equipment Incodiesel gains precision in project development, speed in execution and in the quality of the end product.

He further states that the clients also benefit, since: "The greatest benefit is the drastic reduction in time and in the investment required for developing a new component, and this means significant cost gains".

The next step - Simon gives an example pointing out that the three-dimensional table enables a theoretical and practical product conception conclusion within minutes, i.e., the company produces a prototype that the client wants, receives approval from engineering, enters the part in the new equipment and the coordinates are immediately sent to the plotter by the computer, which promptly supplies the product design and measurements.

Just one of the functions (making a tracing of the part, obtaining measurements) of the three-dimensional table allows the reduction of a job, which if executed conventionally would take several days of calculations and projections, to a matter of minutes.

Incodiesel, says Simon, does not intend to use the equipment for the company. "Actually we want to make this technology available to the sector, the assemblers, the CTA, ITA, IPT and Embraer, so that they also can benefit from it".

With two plants in Diadema, about 160 employees and the greater of sales going to the replacement parts market (50%; assemblers purchase 40% and exports account for 10%), the company is now getting ready for the next step "Within this year", he concludes, "we will bring a CNC equipment that will allow us to obtain precise and rational curves to the tubes that come of our production line".

July, 1988